Giveaway Bot for Twitch & Kick - Bad Luck Protection (BLP)

Why do you need Bad Luck Protection?

Tired of seeing the same people win your giveaways every time? Bad Luck Protection rewards the loyal people with an increasing chance to win, yet still leaving room for new comers to win as well. Give your viewers a reason to stick around and keep coming back to collect those BLP points!

How does it work?

Viewers earn BLP points each time they enter a giveaway and don't win, thus increasing the odds of winning the next one. These points build up, eventually guaranteeing a win. Winning a giveaway resets that viewer's BLP.

Stream Overlay

Display an overlay in your preferred streaming software such as OBS or XSplit that lets the viewers visualize the giveaways real-time as they happen. The black areas in the image are actually transparent. The overlay is pure HTML/CSS/JavaScript, so it can easily be modded and themed any way you like.


Reward your loyal viewers and regulars of the stream with a static amount of BLP.

As an example, viewers can obtain Regular Status in the following ways:


Optional and Configurable Features

Giveaway OptionsBLP ManipulationExtras
Standard (No BLP) Giveaways Run a giveaway without the influence of BLP (aka No Luck Giveaway).Overflow Optionally let viewers keep any excess BLP they have after winning a giveaway instead of losing it all.Rename the term BLP "BLP" can be renamed to any word or phrase.
Winner Countdown A countdown timer starts once someone is selected as a winner, so you and the viewers know when its time to reroll another winner in case they are not available.BLP Cap Set a cap on the amount of BLP that can be used on each giveaway. Use this to give new viewers a larger chance to win, but still let BLP play a part.Keyword Options Make the keyword for a giveaway any word or phrase you like, don't feel forced to include a "!".
Winner Cooldown Prevent viewers from winning too often. They can still enter and earn BLP, but will not be chosen as a winner.LTD Giveaways When doing a giveaway, you can use this feature to have the winner only lose X percent of their current BLP instead of the normal 100%. For example, the winner had 80 BLP when they won and the LTD percent is set to 50%, then the viewer would only lose 40 BLP instead of the normal 80.Networking Give yourself some exposure, and encourage viewers to stay via passive BLP gains by watching your stream. Stream Portal Website
Multiple Winners Pick multiple winners for a single giveaway. Perhaps you want to bring more than one viewer with you to a single key. Forget having to start a new giveaway and waiting for everyone to enter again just because you want more than one winner.First Time Chat Reward (Each Stream) When each viewer talks in chat for the first time they can be automatically awarded BLP. Limited to once per stream per viewer. 


* ALL donations/subs/payments/pledges are non-refundable and are considered gift(s).